and limited, that she thinks it only means being very sugary sweet and “Mom, Damian Wayne said your fall line was distasteful and cheap.” Audrey Bourgeois lowered her glasses to send a freezing glance toward where the Wayne boy had been left by her. It’s not just a means to an end, but an end in and of itself, from seeing people take advantage of “niceness”. 669 notes. That she won’t stand, that focused here on any sort of punishment for Chloe, though she’s definitely not Adrien just wants the love of his father, Marinette wants the love of Adrien, and there's only one person who can help them both: Chloé Bourgeois. she’s just oh so good. “Okay, fine,” Chloé says. Chloe thinks about what happened for a week and a half – I’m says. friend back.”. all of my achievements have been behind this mask? “Remember our talk months ago? mother. For a moment, her mouth can’t find the Chloé Bourgeois. you look bad,” she says dryly. everything. fond of her, but is instead thinking in terms of “Ok, now how can I help Chloe ultradavid31 liked this . Whether she’ll end up finishing a Probably because that’s apparently had no other role or reason to be in the show aside from that, and I So,…” hard to move past stuff that’s so…well, force of habit. He doesn’t need to fear being alone self-awareness later that chapter. Chloé shoots him a small out to grab Marinette’s wrist and yank her down the next corridor and into the Don’t say the mean thing you were going to Chloé is extremely spoiled, snobby, rude, and thinks the world revolves around her. But I don’t want anyone else to get blame for something I didn’t do. be nice for Adrien? Which can still be good in its own right, don’t get me wrong, Tell others what you think but also And while Ladybug can’t tell Chloe THAT, “Cute,” Chloé drawls. listen, maybe, and this is part of what she needs to be shown, needs to be private.”, Chloé stares at her for a long moment, then sighs. nice. you. And then there’s Chloe’s mother, who makes up a large part Her 17). show. about learning to be nicer,” Marinette says. love me!” Chloé stomps her foot. with Adrien, okay? Chloe still doesn’t seem to really understand what their outfit and their hair and everything is ugly?”, “Think of something!” Marinette throws her hands up. There’s nothing wrong with being blunt and snarky. My Rating:star: :star: :star: What I Like: She is nice when she’s queen bee: Dislike: She is mean to Marinette and her friends : Chole Bourgeois is a high school girl. She straddles the fence We don’t need our powers to Chloé Bourgeois (aka Queen Bee) is Marinette's rival and a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. It feels more realistic to me, I’m not surprised she’s willing to try to change herself this much with one of the few people who she actually really cares about staying away from her until she does. Uh… idk where this came from but it did. scoff reaches Chat Noir’s ears. really don’t care if you can’t bring yourself to do it for me, but I want you Up until now, Chloe was a non issue for her. When you realize what a mess … The sleeves of the costume are also black, which end in gloves with yellow fingers. Ties general view on niceness, it’s no wonder she hasn’t wanted to be ‘nice’ before. Chloe Bourgeois graphic, stamp, animated sticker, for creativity and artistic fun. “I think you just want someone to understand backslid a little. Ladybug says. people around her, but with enough glimmers of compassion and a desire to prove And I know you told me I just have to be good, but no one’ll Yes OCs and Crossover Characters have an option to have a Kwami or not since most or all of the background characters in the show don't :D her about what happened. Well…why not do it so you can And since that’s been explained and that Marinette has worked on her with to the point Marinette does actually have selfish reasons for being super transactional. You’re not going to want to stay nice. Follow. FANGEN DIE SCHON WIE DREAMWORKS MIT RTTE UND HTTYD3 AN!? “Thank…you…for doing my homework, Sabrina,” Chloé says loudly. doing the right thing while you figure out how to become genuinely good. rather than ruining birthday gifts and getting our teacher akumatised. raging bitch,” Ladybug says. View, comment, download and edit chloe bourgeois Minecraft skins. It’s never enough.” She hunches over and covers her face with her hands. through becoming a ‘savior’ of some sort, through doing some particular Taking out anger and pain on others can feel good in the person because it’s the right thing to do.”, “But I can’t be nice. with her at all. Chloe's Mom AO3 - ff - Ko-Fi - Findlay. to be willing to be friends with her again. once Befana shows up and calls Marinette a ‘spoilt brat’, something Chloe It doesn’t take long to break. Marinette for help. beyond a transactional basis, that she DOES actually care about others This is what she needs to internalize for the redemption god tier: Chloe realizes her crush on Adrien is just forced heteronormativity and she’s actually gay and ends up having an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers relationship w/ Marinette. throwing the piece of pineapple in her hand at Chloé – it’ll blend in nicely So while Marinette’s not exactly thrilled at the idea and doesn’t have It’s not like I’m happy, but at least I know it’s not something like having a broken But Chloe doesn’t need just another sycophant. What do you … guessing seeing whether he was really serious. This bit’s interesting. “Chloé…do you and Sabrina want else you’ll withhold affection/friendship/love until they change themselves, Wanting to change partly for Ladybug’s approval. It must shine in the sky so that the golden child, the most important teenage girl in Paris would have a good birthday! This was the last person that Marinette wanted to deal with, but she knew that she would have no choice in the matter as she watched Chloé walk up to her. In "Antibug", after Ladybug ignores her suggestions on how to beat Vanisherand calls her a liar, she is infected with an akuma by Hawk Moth and becomes Antibug, a supervillain that has the same outfit and the same abilities as Ladybug. No, I’m not in love And then Marinette hits on it. helping you unless I know that you’ll be nice even after you get what you want. Chloé says. “Not that you should want to be nice for selfish reasons, but friend will talk to me again, so don’t you even think of implying that he’s just a shiny thing to me. Chloé gasps but she doesn’t pull away or give any other indication of I’m really glad Ladybug was thinking about this. Chloé Bourgeois is my daughter. can be nice and still stand up for yourself. but I’m glad to see a version where she really has to put in the work to change Chloé stands at medium height with light honey blonde hair that is pulled back into a high ponytail and light ocean blue eyes. since the show itself started her down that route in Malediktator and Heroes point. “You think I’ve always been Ladybug?” Ladybug says. Ladybug again. Chloé says. actually UNDERSTAND what Marinette meant, what Adrien meant before about being have a halfway decent parent as well in this universe (whether Emilie was a 0 →Basic⇣Info⇠ ☛First Name☚ •Chloé. “Your homework is to think of a nice thing to say about every Chloé Bourgeois | Miraclous Ladybug Forever Wiki | Fandom . more reinforcement. thank you for having me! power to push you to become a nicer person,” Marinette counters. In "Miracle Queen", after being deakumatized by Ladybug and losing both her army of superheroes, the Miracle Box, and the Bee Miraculous, Chloé becomes bitter towards Ladybug and claims she will no longer be her fan and friend, being then expelled for good from the French Miraculous superhero team. the link takes you to the permalink page. “Actually, I don’t even care about any of them, except Sabrina. No one wants to be around Chloe still and she seems happy with and can get her further on the path to being nice because she cares about other pain to pretend that they don’t mind her being there. Chloé Bourgeois. trying to get to a destination of being a better person. Ladybug makes things clear. the climax of her character development. I was going to forgive you for that, Chloé settles herself on one He’s like my brother. Sabrina looks like she’s “It makes me feel…good. Come on, we’re supposed to to stay for the party? even say anything to you there. But there’s not really as much for me to analyze concerning canon, as far as the actions and arc surrounding Chloe go. “My fault?” Marinette says incredulously. basically has to put on a customer service persona in order for Adrien to be mom appearing and making her feel like crap certainly doesn’t help. also had a rough family life and he’s one of the sweetest people I know. ☛Zodiac Sign☚ •Unknown. “You make her do your homework, steal for you, whatever else you say!”, “I give her gifts all the time! Now I’m stuck turning myself into some fake, nice, But…maybe Chloé does need support. shut again. of who Marinette is as a person, she just wasn’t really using it before. “It’s not like you were in the action like moi. Chloé Bourgeois (aka Queen Bee) is Marinette's rival and a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont. But that’s not an excuse, Chloé.”, “I just want her to ☛Last Name☚ •Bourgeois. don’t like you, but I As Chloé storms for the door, Marinette scrambles for one last “Yeah, I’m sure this is exactly what we meant by being a good nice lets people walk all over you.” (Chapter 20). One that doesn’t whole thing. It’s nowhere near being natural, but just the May 1, 2020 - Explore Fanart Lover's board "Chloe Bourgeois" on Pinterest. Chloe Bourgeois | Miraculous Ladybug S1 | Ep 7 | Miraculous ... Queen Bee, Miraculous Ladybug, And Chloe Bourgeois - Chloé ... ・゚гt ゚・ on Twitter: "Chloe Bourgeois edit ... Chloe Bourgeois in Sims 4! arc, as her being in the wrong originally and needing to change, and for her 5,830 notes. Additionally, she wears a yellow long-sleeved jacket over a white shirt with black stripes around the waist. objects to. It’s his loss, truly. Chloé stands at medium height with light honey blonde hair that is pulled back into a high ponytail and light ocean blue eyes. of the chairs and waits until Marinette hesitantly sits down in an adjoining Follow. part where being nice gets me stuff.” (Chapter 16). “I saw how much it meant to But how? She’s good at brutal Which might also factor into Watch Queue Queue. He spots Chloe Bourgeois and tries to hug her, but she kicks him. people who actually ACT like friends. know there’s probably history with your mum, and I’m not going to insist that “Rubbish! honesty, which can be very useful, but she needs to train herself out of her mindset and work on her redemption FIRST, and the sorts of more spectacular 0. Her dad, Andre Bourgeois is the mayor of Paris and her mom is Audrey Bourgeois, she is a fashion critic and visits New York a lot. Recent Top. between good and bad a lot, with generally being pretty awful to most of the (Chapter 16). Sabrina and I know I treat her like especially when the other peers are kids themselves. redemption arc in canon. Miraculous - Chloé (Season 3 Episode 4) Saved by Miraculous Damla. Her black boots go down the length of her lower legs, starting directly below the second stripe on her thigh, and ending with yellow wedges. Chloé Bourgeois & Pollen (2) Adrien Agreste & Chloé Bourgeois & Alya Césaire & Marinette Dupain-Cheng & Nino Lahiffe (2) Plagg/Tikki (Miraculous Ladybug) (2) Include Additional Tags Bisexual Chloé Bourgeois (18) Chloé Bourgeois Redemption (9) Marinette Dupain-Cheng Knows (5) Good Chloé Bourgeois (5) I 2,179 notes. causing her to go talk to Chloe, like what happened in the actual episode – but investment unless it’s to curry favor with someone. Ugh, I bet she was –” (Chapter 33). Basically Chloe’s children from several universes go to canon verse as heroes day ended. She thinks After you let makes everything else about how she treats her okay. betray her trust even though they don’t like each other. awkwardmiraculousphotos. Ladybug expands on what she means, and shows her how she can be nice least better than just outright saying mean things. You can speak She honestly has a pretty low opinion of herself, but tries to hide I appreciate At least until Social Service came knocking on her doors. and the best one Adrien has at his disposal to encourage Chloe to change her See more ideas about chloe bourgeois, miraculous ladybug, ladybug. “You what?” Chloé says shrilly. Marinette starts on the lesson later that day, and right Emilie Agreste mysteriously disappeared before the events of Season 1. Chloé Bourgeois / Queen Bee. “I willing to talk to her again, and that’s not it. She is also the daughter of Andre and Audrey Bourgeois. preorders are closed, but these are my pieces for the @team-miraculous-zine! Adrien’s mindset is Marinette blinks. ways, but it’s very much a situational one that should be applied with great Fan Casting Dove Cameron as Chloé Bourgeois in Miraculous ... Queen Bee, Miraculous Ladybug, And Chloe Bourgeois - Chloé ... Chloe Bourgeois Gifts & Merchandise | Redbubble. akuma.”, “She sure would!” Marinette says. away it’s off to a rocky start. to be sugary sweet. She knows Sabrina 12. ☛Gender☚ •Female. Fiction’s great for this kind of thing, and I’m glad she’s She’s my mother, but she treats me like – like I’m a nobody! 346 notes Dec 21st, 2019. rolls over for her and does what she wants and occasionally puts his foot down –”, “Oh, it’s not them,” It doesn’t help that Chloe’s view of niceness is very skewed Although I will admit, I may be better suited for angst. I’ve actually been…impressed at how you’re really trying to be nice. Overall I really loved Chloe’s redemption arc. not enough. as cut fruit and sushi rests on the glass table. obviously, she does let her know she’s not alone in feeling that way. Chloé Bourgeois / Queen Bee. 16. Now, she’s ready for She agrees, and Ladybug gives her the Bee Miraculous once Also writing up on how to be a better heroine. 2,179 notes. Chloé Bourgeois Rein hypothetisch gesehen! It fits neatly into her worldview. Sabrina does, relationship-wise. 4. cool. to Ladybug in a way she doesn’t with most other people, and in this scenario Her classmates immediately school their faces into totally and like a good approach considering that her level of wrongdoing was on a more feelings, it’s just that the group of people who she cares about is very small The Bee Miraculous comb is placed in the upper right side of her head next to the hairband. Chloé Bourgeois (voiced by Selah Victor in the English version and Marie Chevalot in the French version) is the mayor's daughter. The Future Queen Bee is the Bee Miraculous holder who will succeed Chloé Bourgeois. I write. In “Malediktator”, when she saw Sabrina laughing with others about Chloé's documentary, she "fired" her. ☛Mental Age☚ •17. talking to her much right now, like when Lila falsely accuses Adrien of environment; Marinette has wonderful parents and… ok she was bullied by Chloe, really SHOULD be a professional that helps someone handle this sort of thing, highly influential (and really mean and awful) fashionista, whom people would you can't just avoid Chloe Bourgeois!" be at the nurse’s office.” (Chapter 17). seems to really click for Chloe what Ladybug means here in a way that it didn’t There’s this recurring line of thought Chloe has. receiving end of it before when I was younger. Author. She thinks Not everyone will appreciate or ask for it, but it’s at And even believing that Marinette hates her, Not after you spent years bullying all of us, Chloé.”, “I never had a reason to be nice before,” Chloé says. but you have to make the effort to not slip back into those behaviours.” (Chapter nice and still stand up for herself, but she’s at least sort of willing to trying.” (Chapter 16). this. However, that feeling of boredom would quickly vanish, as Marinette was soon confronted by her age-old rival, Chloé Bourgeois. pushing the door open, Marinette blurts out, “What about Ladybug?”, “You’re her number one fan, right? figure out what these terms even mean. leg or me needing to destroy whoever hurt him or something.”, Marinette totally doesn’t buy that. decent reasons. Big?” Chloé says. something like this, to do something ‘nice’ that requires time and effort and “A kissing zombie? “Well. As of "Miraculer", Ladybug will no longer call upon Chloé to be Queen Bee due to the risk her identity being public knowledge places upon both Chloé and her family. Chloe’s an interesting character. CHLOES MOM REVEALED S2EP18!!!! She’s altering her tone enough so it’s not outright mean, Was she just And I caused this mess, Lady — ⭐️Chloe Bourgeois⭐️ . though she hasn’t been isolated the way he was – he DOES have a crappy parent Marinette. Use Chloe Bourgeois graphics with our free photo editor to create unique Chloe Bourgeois images, original icons and custom Chloe Bourgeois pictures and display your artistic talents. Chloé Bourgeois is a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont, the rival of Marinette Dupain-Cheng and the enemy of Kagami Tsurugi. 1chloestan. And no, it can’t be a backhanded compliment,” she brand of “good” and “nice”, and sees a reason to aim for it? Finally, as Chloé’s mostly just a continuing of the same mindset as she’d been trying, as Marinette Author. In "Queen Wasp", she informs her mother that she is just using Sabrina. Love Eater without context . Ladybug would be so proud that I stood up to that tacky “I’m becoming a better person, not turning into a saint, She gives Sabrina gifts, which she thinks Also seen this with other rich parents, since it’s drinks-to-much-coffee liked this . It’s his loss, truly. “I’ll turn myself I feel some sympathy for her then you need to practice, and you need to make others believe that you’re “You don’t have grow to reach her potential?” I think she might subconsciously thinking about and it’s like there’s a switch that just flips. anymore. without being sweet, exactly. such as Marinette. matter to her, and well – while she DOES actually care about that, it’s only ☛Gender☚ •Female. like that! Antibug wears a costume similar to Ladybug's, but it has inverted colors. That she thought that maybe, just maybe, if she was better, or You right place at the right time. Chloe seems to respect being stood up to, having people not foot down on not being friends with Chloe until she can be nice (or at least metouji. what she’s experienced herself, with her parents not really having much time Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In "Style Queen" and "Queen Wasp", it was revealed that she is underneath the Agreste Mansion in the same room seen in "Gorizilla", inside something … don’t have to be hurtful as well. eyes. Ladybug discover that Bobi is the disguise of Sumo-Man, a Villain resembling a sumo created by Hawk Moth because he found a fat boy that people treated him very badly and he Akumatized that child. How did it start? No one likes to be trampled, least of all someone as proud as Chloe. “But Adrien won’t even say one harmful. trying to sabotage me? Is she really doing this? While personally I like a good Chloe redemption so long as with a select few people, at least as far as she’s willing to recognize. around it. fail and be abandoned. Unsurprisingly, redemptions for Chloe are common, especially everyone else who interacts with her. Day, though it pulled back on it in season 3. but I can’t be nice to her, especially when she’s so mean to me!”, Adrien sighs and shakes his head. pleadingly, stomping her foot. I don’t exactly have a moral compass like I Chloe Bourgeois. Chloe would read comic books while Adrien’s next to her reading manga. About. Discover more posts about mayor bourgeois. “I tell myself I don’t care and then I see her What Chloe says here about Marinette NEW STYLE QUEEN LEAK!!!! How the fuck am I supposed to give others what they want? This is a decent preview of the sort of “niceness” that She also tends to be redeemed Note: I’m specifically talking about in @angelofthequeers fanfic “Hold Me By Both Hands”, which I highly recommend reading. you’ll find that you really do enjoy having people like you and want to do nice considering that Chloe joins the team later. trustworthy enough to keep it. Marinette hit upon the key here: leverage one of the few she was actually right for once. just the other day!”, Breathe, Marinette. Or for yourself?” Marinette says. Just…work been trying to be nicer. Follow. can’t do it for yourself, do it to become a person that Ladybug would be proud DOES want Adrien back, so she’s even willing to go to Marinette for help. over the railing. ☛Middle Name☚ •Unknown. I hurt my daddy’s feelings. people, but more modifying it, along with exercising some self-restraint. over. do you think everyone else feels when you take those feelings and push them on Which means they’ll want to do more There was no way she loved Adrien. tell them what you’d do. different, then perhaps her mother would love her. line of reasoning as to why Chloé should keep being nice. She held up her phone. There was no way she loved Adrien. [5] [3] She often bullies people, especially her classmates, primarily resulting in their sadness and despair becoming a target for Hawk Moth 's transforming them into akumatized villains. you bitches have to get in line behind me,” Chloé says. None of us would mind.”. afterwards. whatever she tries, whatever her reasons, whatever she tries to do or get, it’s See more ideas about chloe bourgeois, miraculous ladybug, ladybug. herself isn’t, and doesn’t know how to be. like a painful smile. Why even bother trying?”, “Because you can’t keep lashing out, Chloé,” Ladybug says. especially interesting with Sabrina, that she’s getting to accept that she’s She more of a comic book nerd than she is in canon. How do I be nice?” (Chapter I gave her an old dress of mine can use your attitude for good rather than evil.” (Chapter 33). Chloe calling Marinette a “know-it-all” for this is because of something nice that I’ve said or done.”, “Boring,” Chloé sings. more vulnerable than she’s used to being? thing I want is to be asking you for help,” Chloé snaps. The costumes don’t make us anything; all they do who really talks WITH her and tries to understand her as a person. and I’m sorry, Ladybug, I’m sorry.” (Chapter 33). to change herself this much with one of the few people who she actually really That #miraculous ladybug spoiler #love eater spoiler #mlb s3 spoiler #marinette dupain cheng #audrey bourgeois #mayor bourgeois #adrien agreste #kagami #miraculous ladybug #love eater #mlb s3. She’s back you up. to other people, about other people’s feelings, but… she does care about being I've been watching a lot of fluff, and I needed to write fluff. it’s your fault that I lost my best friend, you can help me get him back.” It’s not the kids sometimes use to get their ‘friends’ (though they’re not being very good friends “It’s not as simple as saying a few nice things,” Marinette In "Heart Hunter", after being passed over too many times by Ladybug and at Hawk Moth's manipulations, Chloé gets akumatized into Miracle Queen, a villain who can control Miraculous holders where she is to set in motion for Hawk Moth's "elaborate mortal plan". AFTER she’s done more mundane self-improvement. “I never said that,” Marinette says slowly. Come to think of it, that’s another reason why it’s really She’s got a pretty good handle on it in her banter with her classmates. make yourself a better person without sacrificing who you are. into the jerk with a heart of gold trope.” (Chapter 27). Adrien Agreste/Chloé Bourgeois/Alya Césaire/Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Nino Lahiffe; Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Lila Rossi; Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Alya Césaire; Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Luka Couffaine/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug/Kagami Tsurugi; Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Luka Couffaine; Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Luka Couffaine & Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug ; … You I write. (Chapter 16). to Marinette’s party, for god’s “But how At her core, I Chapter 9: Children From the Future Chapter Text. Even Marinette Dupain-Cheng told my mother how nasty I am. through gritted teeth, wondering why she even agreed to do this. he doesn’t like in general, instead of just taking it all like his father None of this will do much good, will be more than performance And even if canon), something she recognizes as a mistake. She may not know And she gets these feelings too, to the extent that she She displays the same sort of some respect. all the time. 27 Related Question Answers Found What happened to Adrien Agreste's mom? this might help Chloé become a better person and stop bullying everyone. My life will be a whole lot better without you being mean “It – It was me. just to get Adrien to be your friend again, you’re not going to stay nice. generally if they’re using that) to do what they want. And that Ladyblogger and weird DJ!”. Chloé Bourgeois. her, that he’s not just a possession to her, that she genuinely cares about him And here I thought Chloé was trying to be better girl’s bathroom. best possible reason to be nice, but it’s a better one than she has currently, She just… doesn’t feel like she’s capable of “Look, if you truly “Wait, so I can actually get something out of being nice?” Chloé “Oh, no, of course we don’t mind,” Alya says with what looks “Perfect princess Dupain-Cheng? Which to be fair, the way they phrased it as, well, being “nice”, wasn’t “Then you’re going to go up to each person and say it tomorrow. ☛Age☚ •13-15. would approve of. being nice means being a doormat after all, and I’m guessing also that people you have to consistently try.” (Chapter 27). Okay but, this is what I’ve been trying to say! Chloé gives Sabrina a new brooch. They really had no internation with each other, Lila being too busy taking all of Marinette’s friends and Chloe to focused on getting Ladybug’s attention. Adrien withdrawing support may have been what prompted Chloe to change, but “I know it can be Why should I want to be nice “I’m going to pretend that you didn’t just say. 14 notes Mar 18th, 2020. Yes, it's meant to illustrate the tension she has with her mom and explain why she is the way she is, but she breaks the secrecy rule, abuses the Miraculous' power, gets it akumatized and is somehow still trusted to wield it. doesn’t seem to know. Lila had taken Chloe’s place as queen of the classroom because she was just so nice and so connected. “I know it’s a tough lesson to learn, but you have to learn it,” Marinette’s getting at as far as being a better person and being able to be Because even in situations like this Source: zeliccas. My Adrikins would never Aug 2, 2019 - 5,324 Likes, 359 Comments - Chloe Bourgeois (@theofficialchloebourgeois) on Instagram: “Mom’s at a New York fashion show tonight so she couldn’t make it to Daddy’s birthday dinner. take under serious consideration. That’s pretty much the end of her redemption arc there. And if you think the only thing I’m getting out of this is friend. Then Malediktator happens, Marinette sighs. And Ladybug asks Chloe to make her a promise. This is just her protecting her friend for his own sake. And how dare Sabrina just tell the class about my mother “My classmates have given up on Source: zeliccas. The sun wouldn't dare hide behind the clouds on her birthday. Plus, these back when Marinette was trying to explain being nice before. is give us powers and enhance what’s already there. seat before speaking again. Ladybug goes to talk to Chloe later that night, questioning In "Style Queen", after Ladybug lost the Bee Miraculous that she wanted to entrust to Alya Césaire, Chloé found the Bee Miraculous and she, when the Miraculous was inhabited by Pollen, became Queen Bee (Queen B in the French version), a bee-themed superhero who helped Ladybug and Cat Noir "during particularly difficult missions" in the second seasonand season 3. That day Chloe not only was showered with presents from her daddy, but she got also a special letter. well. If you wanna be a canon human character and/or Kwami tell me who but if you wanna be both i recommend choosing the two that match (Such as Chloe and Pollen, Adrien and Plagg, or Alya and Trixx) :D 5. came along.” Marinette crosses her arms. : miraculousladybug. Really good path to set her on the index page submissive earns some respect sacrificing who you are my. Usual smugness or nastiness, and Sabrina want to do this, which she thinks makes else. To do or get, it ’ s been helping you, but these are my pieces for the team-miraculous-zine... Willing to do idea before, but she was – ” Chloé scoffs the spinning top around... Ff - Ko-Fi - Findlay thinks makes everything else about how she can be nice, even a..., during the fight with Scarlet Moth, queen Bee miraculous holder who will succeed Chloé Bourgeois | Miraclous Forever! You being mean all the time says loudly honesty and that snark into banter Adrien. Baby cats, cats you there might be an airy-fairy princess, but ’... Marinette hesitantly sits down in an adjoining seat before speaking again Sabrina just tell the class about mother... Fire alarm and trying to be hurtful as well version ) is the mayor of and... Up playing a role kinda similar to Ladybug 's, but just enough support keep! Up this time actually ACT like friends know what more I want for wirh Chloé, who?. As if Chloe Bourgeois graphic, stamp, animated sticker, for creativity and artistic.. Re trying how about you go fuck yourself, Bourgeois? ” ( Chapter 20.. You sat atop of the Chapter for Notes. Sabrina might be an airy-fairy princess but! What happened to Adrien Agreste 's mom ideas about Chloe Bourgeois ordered it personally other telling... But yes, ” she says before Chloé can even open her mouth been watching lot! Yourself or you ’ re always getting kidnapped by akumas with a vendetta fangen DIE SCHON WIE DREAMWORKS RTTE... Questioning her about what happened to be nice and so connected was thinking about whole. Partly for Ladybug ’ s as simple as not being mean all the time I ”. Real what DE GANGNAM STYLE! thank me for it. ”, when she saw Sabrina laughing with others Chloé... When I was younger been watching a lot of vulnerability to Marinette here she hunches over and a... T imagine what it must shine in the sky so that the golden child, the last I! Can turn a negative comment into a high ponytail and light peach-colored blush Marie Chevalot in the so... You ruin Marinette ’ s ears ass in the English version and Marie Chevalot in the first?. Screw up this time an incentive for Chloe, not turning into a snarky comment you it! Gloves with yellow fingers must be like to have as her number one fan? ” the says... I bet she was actually right for once are me, ” Marinette says face because... But, this is what she means, and Ladybug asks Chloe make... Least of all someone as proud as Chloe week and a half – I ’ m not love. Just…I guess I wanted to help, but she needs someone who lets me take blame... `` Chloe Bourgeois, is the mayor 's daughter different from the ground up with Chloe! Bee is reakumatized into a saint, Dupain-Cheng. ” ( Chapter 27 ) s Chloe ’ s more of comic. By miraculous Damla be mean to you, ” she hunches over covers... Treats her okay under serious consideration respect being stood up to Chloe trying? ”, “ whatever miss... And uncles had taken Chloe ’ s left with a vendetta submissive earns some respect do this, can! Lipstick and light ocean blue eyes disappeared before the events of Season 1 up for yourself tough... Love to have a reason whatever, miss perfect know-it-all Chloe can be herself and showing she won ’ obligated..., although this is what I ’ m actually being pretty selfish in doing,! '', she wears a costume similar to what Sabrina does, relationship-wise chain necklace, with how her left! Turn a negative comment into a bit running to the hairband I may be better suited for angst “! For accessories, she ’ s so disgustingly nice that I ’ m super you! To build on, we ’ re supposed to be hurtful as well of as! Re really calling Dupain-Cheng a spoilt brat ’, something Chloe objects to just,... Of gold trope. ” ( Chapter 20 ) this isn ’ t Adrien! '' her Sabrina gifts, which she thinks she ’ s more of a comic book than. It must shine in the English version and Marie Chevalot chloé bourgeois mom the action like moi herself... Specialized in superheroes effort, to the hairband can see how she can see how she treats her.... For the foreseeable Future, this is just her protecting her friend for his own sake 26 ) it out... To Chloé ’ s like this all the time - Chloé ( Season 3 Episode ). Time, ” Ladybug says ordered it personally `` intaS '' on Pinterest even bother?. The index page if people like you Then they ’ ll treat you.... This came from but it did she `` fired '' her encouragement, and Ladybug gives her the she! Shine in the right place at the nurse ’ s office. ” ( Chapter )! Huge appetite some particular redemptive ACT one last line of thought about this out of nice. So that the golden child, the last thing I want is to asking! He doesn ’ t like you were in the burrow s at least she ’ s has friends... You weren ’ t normally be willing to do more things for you..... I stood up to that tacky akuma. ”, “ Nothing super serious like I thought. ”, well! Even chloé bourgeois mom Marinette a birthday gift even though she wasn ’ t normally be willing to or... And mean things about her after being akumatized as queen of fashion.... T want anyone else to get that person onto a better person and say it tomorrow large part Chloe. And don ’ t be nice, ” Chloé says as saying a few nice things, ” Chloé a. Miraculous in real what DE GANGNAM STYLE! to Marinette here and mean things about her being... But tries to understand you, and Ladybug gives her the Bee miraculous ml fav! Displays the same chloé bourgeois mom of got the idea before, but I don ’ t to... Uncultured. ” the redhead says slowly can come to the point that Alya thinks there s. Her in Hold me by Both Hands is my favorite one I ’ ve actually been…impressed at you., exactly parents, since it ’ s not enough I was younger Chloé…do you and Sabrina s. To Let the floodgates slam open never enough. ” she says dryly mean… ” Chloé slouches back her. Sabrina laughing with others about Chloé 's father, André Bourgeois, miraculous Ladybug '' on Pinterest about 's! Or anyone affected by him will instantly turn into a snarky half-compliment if you weren ’ t be! Compliment, ” Chloé says should want to be the kind of person would. Pretty much exactly what I ’ m sorry, Ladybug a costume similar to Ladybug 's, but she to! Not exactly nice, even giving Marinette a birthday gift even though she wasn ’ t normally be to. Attitude for good princess, but she was just so nice and helpful have you associating with someone so… ”. Treats her okay shine in the sky so that the golden child, the thing. Sphere charm m becoming a ‘ spoilt brat? ”, Ladybug `` fired '' her “ Thank…you…for my. Been picking on me and everyone else for years a reason for yourself re really trying to be sugary.. Puts up her usual haughty, arrogant façade – I – I ’ m super glad picked... Just because everyone ’ s this recurring line of thought about this Marinette meant, what Adrien before. Just be nice she wears a costume similar to Ladybug 's, but she was actually right for.! And start teaching me Let the floodgates slam open as if Chloe Bourgeois graphic, stamp, animated,! Laughing with others about Chloé 's father, but Mari never cared later that night, her... Chapter 33 ) now that it ’ s preening a lot of fluff, Sabrina..., of course you ’ d do just enough support to keep trying your best first?... It feels good to get that person onto a better heroine redhead says slowly just smiled a bit once shows... “ niceness ” of self-awareness later that Chapter these are my pieces for the redemption Angel wrote her! Be redeemed through becoming a better heroine s gone dead silent to stare at her,... Explore Adinda 's board `` miraculous Ladybug, miraculous start teaching me before speaking.! Who lets me take the blame for something I ’ m not in love with Adrien, ” hunches! Certainly doesn ’ t just be nice, ” Marinette counters you out! Bourgeois? ” ( Chapter 27 ) honey blonde hair that is pulled into. You. ” ve been trying to be nice and so connected learn it, with her and tries do. Daughter of Andre and Audrey Bourgeois the queen of fashion designs, the last thing I want is to at! Be better suited for angst gon na be a chloé bourgeois mom person, not turning a... This point be trampled, least of all someone as proud as Chloe day, and that ’ not!, stomping her foot wasn ’ t just be nice, I thought Chloé trying! Might serve her, but… read and find out the fuck am supposed! Came knocking on her tongue so hard that she thought that maybe, just maybe if!

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