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Video marketing can generate up to 41% more traffic to and up to 1200% more shares, which is a considerable amount of visibility for an organization to promote awareness and educate its viewers.

With large universities, spreading a message to the masses can prove to be a difficult task. An email blast, on-campus flyer, or newsletter just doesn’t do the trick anymore. Not to mention, school initiatives, like updating campus policies or education reform, can often require more information than what fits in print. To better relay your message, we suggest utilizing video. Interviewing teachers and students can be an excellent way to educate your university’s population through language that is easily digestible and faces that are relatable. Adding stimulating visuals can support a complicated or specific message and help your audience better retain the information you’re trying to communicate.

For non-profit organizations, making an emotional connection with potential donors is key and a well executed video can help you stand out. Donors often get donation requests from multiple organizations; highlight the urgency of your mission with a documentary style video, or interview, which offers a glimpse into the life of the groups you serve, and the ways in which you serve them.

Marketing videos are a great investment because they can easily be repurposed. Utilize your video to share your message through social media, as an introduction of your organization at a benefit or gala, or as part of an introductory packet to present your mission to a potential new donor. A series of videos focusing on the different facets of your organization can promote transparency and trustworthiness to your donors. Give your audience a behind the scenes look at how you structure your programs or the effort it takes to keep the organization running a day, a week, a month; devote a video that highlights your donors and the pivotal role which they play in your success.

Swagger Media specializes in more than for-profit sales marketing videos. Our passion for creativity lies in being the catalyst for our client’s success and offering innovative ways in which to reach all of their goals.

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