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Patients today are looking up more than just symptoms, with sites like healthgrades and RateMDs, doctor ratings and experience are taking more of a center stage; and with vast treatment and procedure information being just a search away, the average patient is armed with a lot more information, questions, and concerns than they were just 10 years ago. This has had a drastic impact on the landscape of medical and healthcare marketing. No longer are you the undisputed medical expert, you’re fighting against a myriad of misinformation available on the internet, as well as other medical professionals advocating alternative forms of treatment.

As with other industries, there is a huge benefit to commercials and marketing videos in the medical field. It extends you the opportunity to present your facility, your staff, and your specialty in an informative and credible manner. There’s a reason people readily visit new doctors recommended by friends and relatives – they feel like they can trust them. Capturing existing patient testimonials on camera and sharing them with your audience holds a lot more weight than they would in print form. Giving your patients someone they can relate to helps to reassure them that they’ll be in good hands.

With the majority of clinics now communicating with patients via online portals and email, adding video modules to these platforms can help relay information in any easily comprehensible form. Maybe you get a lot of general insurance questions, your office has had a change in policy or procedure, or you want to dispel that incredibly popular (but highly inaccurate) health myth you’ve seen floating around. Having an easily accessible visual reference available will go a long way in retaining a high percentage of patient satisfaction.
Medical procedures can be daunting and confusing to some individuals. Videos are the perfect platform to break down the details of complex medical procedures in a way that’s easily understood by your patient. You can help alleviate some of that anxiety while simultaneously providing information you know is accurate, and not the random result of an online search.

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