Streamline your policies.

Training and safety videos are an effective communication tool for companies of any size. Shared via electronic channels, they allow flexible access for employees both new and existing, and help deliver a consistent message throughout your company.

A training video can be as simple as conveying changes in company policy, reviewing safety procedures, documenting product assembly, or sharing onboarding guidelines for new employees. Swagger Media specializes in producing informative videos in a visually appealing and attention-grabbing style, intended to increase engagement, interaction, and retention of information. Not everyone learns the same way. Providing a visually stimulating format accommodates multiple learning styles, allowing your employees the opportunity to move at their own pace and review any segments they may have questions about.

Investing in a training or safety video, or even a series of them, will save your company time and money by eliminating pre-training prep and finances associated with facility costs or travel expenses. Plus, any information that dwindles with time can easily be accessed again as a refresher.

To take your training materials to the next level, Swagger Media offers an interactive model that allows you to quiz your viewers and track their progress and total score. These videos can be easily accessible from work, home, and even via mobile devices. Keeping your interactive training model up to date is simple, just log in, make your changes, save and it’s ready to go.

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