Break through the noise.

We’ll spare you the stats on television viewership in the USA. Despite the rise of on-demand style subscription services, cable television has maintained its popularity. To remain competitive, cable companies now offer free streaming straight to subscribers’ mobile devices, but not without commercials, making broadcast commercials essential for B2C companies. But it’s a saturated market with hundreds of companies vying for viewers’ attention, screaming incentives and benefits from the screen. And with so much smart technology making it easier to skip commercials, how can you make your voice ring clearest?

Innovation. Without a captivating story that can be presented in 30 seconds or less, your brand will fall victim to today’s thinning attention spans. Understanding the nuances of varied audiences and successful engagement is something we at Swagger Media, pride ourselves in. We understand how to utilize every single word to capture your consumers’ interest, and the importance of striking visuals which maintain their focus until the end. Our innovative team thoroughly researches demographics and ratings, also paying particular attention to your local and national competitors. Our job is to develop a winning concept which ensures your message won’t blend in the with rest. One of the benefits of Swagger Media is that we handle every step in-house. The same team who has been immersed in your brand from the beginning is the one seeing your message through to the end. Your companies may share a similar purpose, but we want your brand to stand out, proving the advantage of sourcing a product or service with you.

Once your concept is ready to launch, we can then discuss the benefits of a multi-channel approach. Your commercial is not limited to those with a cable subscription, it can also engage individuals on the go, via social media platforms. Cross-channel campaigns send your message local, regional, or worldwide; it’s a comprehensive strategy whose progress is easily measured. This data makes it easy for us to make adjustments and identify additional opportunities for a more lucrative ROI.

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