A mesmerizing narrative has the power to increase the perceived value of a product or service in comparison with just a standard description. That’s where Swagger Media excels; we are expert storytellers, specializing in pairing captivating language with dynamic visuals. Video is an incredibly versatile tool for this purpose. It transcends topics, industries, demographics, and messaging to encompass something entirely unique to your company, no matter the size.



To find the narrative, we begin by brainstorming a series of concepts that align with your goals, audience, and messaging. With your input, we will review all available options to choose the direction which best encompasses all facets of your brand. Next, we create an intricate plan of necessary assets: schedule, crew, equipment, script, and outlines of audio and visual components. Prior to recording, you will have access to our storyboard or shot list which provide a visual map of each shot and sets the pace for your film. To ensure a smooth day on set, our team will visit the filming location prior to the start of production to make sure it can accommodate all equipment, crew members, and necessary shots.


On filming day, our crew arrives for setup, the director yells action, and we follow the storyboard or shot list like a map. Occasionally we’ll find inspiration in the moment and shoot an additional frame or a new line of text, creativity strikes randomly and we want to ensure we have the best possible material to execute an exceptional finished product.


This is where your message finds its heart beat. We finesse the audio files to blend seamlessly with recorded footage, motion graphics, or animation. Our post production team reviews your company’s style guides, making sure to utilize appropriate logos, fonts, and color palettes. A rough cut is the first version of your video you will see. It’s important to remember that, as the title implies, this won’t be a launch-ready version. There may be placeholder graphics, imperfect colour compositions, and watermarked song choices. This is where we want your heaviest feedback. Once your notes are received, we apply the changes, rework transitions and graphics, purchase music files, and adjust color levels. You receive a finalized version to sign off on before your story is ready to hit the world stage. Don’t hesitate to share any final edits you may be envisioning, it’s important to us at Swagger Media that you work with us every step of the way so that your message maintains its authenticity, as well as the integrity of your brand.