Induction period at ITC was interesting not only because I built strong friendships with my peers & seniors during this stint but also because I got to work on open ended problems such as "Improving ITC's Retail distribution practices vis-a-vis its competitors.". Movements from one business to another take place depending on the needs of the business. WiFi and parking are free, and this hotel also features an outdoor pool. ITC's biggest value proposition for me is the opportunity from my first year here to discover & mould the leader in me. We stimulate the drive to be the best and take immense pride in being Indian. //--> var x="function f(x){var i,o=\"\",ol=x.length,l=ol;while(x.charCodeAt(l/13)!" L16005WB1910PLC001985, For any queries or grievances, contact Mr. Aurko Dasgupta at An exemplary contributor to the Triple Bottom Line, ITC has been 'Carbon Positive' five years in a row, Water Positive' for eight years in a row and 'Solid Waste Recycling Positive' for three years in a row. The organisation invests heavily in training and development and with job rotation and cross-functional assignments provides you a platform to demonstrate application of newly acquired skills. As I complete my first decade in ITC, I can only look forward with the glimmering hope of a fulfilling career with the realisation that this great organisation will continue to provide the opportunity and the challenges that will instigate an individual to push the boundaries. ITC believes in job rotation which hones one's perspectives on varied business domains and facilitate building of new areas of strengths. Welcomhotelsoffers five-star hospitality for the discerning business and leisure traveller. ITC has aggressively diversified into many categories over the last decade and it offers individuals an opportunity to be a catalyst to this growth engine. I had been Head of Production in a factory for 3 years and as if this speed was not good enough, I have now been assigned the role of Head of Factory operations spanning over Technical, HR and Finance functions. After a detailed training programme that lasted over six months and across various businesses, I was posted in ILTD - the leaf tobacco development division of ITC. Interactions across functions and divisions is excellent and friendships formed help in building a holistic work environment. You are exposed to innumerable dimensions of business in the areas of Engineering, Marketing, Finance and HR irrespective of which function you belong to. Leading a team of more than 600 associates towards operational excellence and making significant business impact was truly amazing. The hotel has single, double and triple rooms with either a private bathroom or shared facilities. And now having learnt what it takes to sell this product, I also landed myself an opportunity to sell not only cigarettes but all the other FMCG products including packaged foods and personal care. Post induction, candidates could be positioned either in one of the Company's varied businesses or Corporate Headquarters or in the Company's Internal Audit function. Non-carcinogenic wooden materials have been used around the property and 'intelligent controls' have been built in the elevators to maximize movement efficiency. Rachelle's Answer #1 "I am active in my job search and have targeted companies similar to ITC Hotels Ltd.. Given the scale and scope of tobacco operations and with the motto of exceeding customer expectations, systematic investments have been made to develop customised supply chains for customers, build state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, benchmark Information Technology and developing world class planning systems. The posting could be anywhere in India depending upon the need, as the Company has units and business headquarters in metros, smaller towns and up country locations. 1. Asia's first 'Golden Fork Award', was also bestowed, by the International Food and Wine Writers Guild on Bukhara and Dum Pukht restaurants brands.