Buy as a present an auto-adhesive mural from Bussoga. Explore Montserrat monastery in tranquility on a hassle-free tour that This space dedicated to art and creativity is the brainchild of owner Maxò. Bon Vent. Si continuas navegando, aceptas su uso. Tourists attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, the Casa Batlló, the Casa Milà or the Park Güell have stores within them and nearby, and again they sell specific items relating to the attractions as well as more general souvenirs. Sun hats, shell-shaped candles, … Specialists in corporate gifts, events, conventions, personalized corporate gifts. The inside shop is a vintage shop with antique pieces and art nouveau style items. La Trobada del Gourmet For: Cheese and cured meats One of the quirkier Catalan Christmas traditions, the caganer is traditionally a figurine of … They aren’t typical souvenirs as such – you’ll find everything from hand-made soaps and candles with original designs, to T-shirts designed by local designers, stationery, decorative objects etc. 5. Visiting soon and want to buy gift cards to women lingerie shops to give as gifts, … You’re in the right place for barcelona souvenirs. But it also has hushed boutiques, generations-old specialty shops, and one-stop-shop department stores overflowing with unique Barcelona foods and objects of curiosity and beauty that you won’t be able to find outside of Spain, and sometimes Barcelona. We deliver to any place in Barcelona … Allow me to share some of the best souvenirs … Many of the shops and businesses that we recommend below offer typical souvenirs that depict Barcelona’s iconic tourist sights, and are quality items. Stores that just sell flats shoes. Many of the items that are sold as souvenirs are typical of Barcelona and Catalunya’s culture, history and art, which is quite distinct, whereas others are more related to the culture of the rest of Spain. Gift Cards in Barcelona - tom G (19 Jul 2019 - 08:02). Find typical crafts made in Barcelona, local handmade objects or manufactured in the area of Barcelona by local artisans.. Gift a modernist marvel that will remember your visits to the Gaudi stunning buildings and monumental sculptures. Vintage for all purposes. Puedes cambiar la configuración, desactivarlas u obtener más información. Although what’s seen as typical Spanish culture, with flamenco and bullfighting, isn’t at all typically Catalan, the windows and shelves of many of these shops are full of these ‘typical Spanish souvenirs’. Shopping Boutiques Sant Pere, Santa Caterina i la Ribera. However, you’ll also find another type of shop that, under the brand of “Made in Barcelona”, sell all sorts of products that are the perfect memories of Barcelona. We can customize most of our articles with your corporate image or an inscription. As well in El Born you can find some local designer's jewelry and accessories that can make great gifts. These shops also tend to stock a good variety of products: fridge magnets, photos and postcards, keyrings, glasses, plates and all sorts of mugs. Just as in any large city, Barcelona’s gift and souvenir shops can be found in four main places: the very centre of the city, inside and in the vicinity of the museums and tourist attractions themselves, in the main tourist areas and in the airport. If you’re visiting Barcelona and you would like to buy a present or typical souvenir, you won’t have any problem in finding what you want, as the city is full of shops aimed at tourists, selling all sorts of souvenirs.There’s a wide range of products on offer, and this will of course vary depending on which shop you go to. Barcelona related merchandise. This is a listing of the most know websites and stores of crafts made in and around Barcelona: They usually sell specific souvenirs relating to the museum itself, as well as more general gifts. Because of the competition from illegal sellers, some of the small businesses are even being forced to close down. A splendid selection of souvenirs, books, jewelry, ceramics, posters and other gifts on Gaudí, Modernism, Barcelona and Casa Batlló. The tour finishes in the FCBarcelona Megastore, where you’ll find all the FC Barcelona merchandising you need: shirts, scarves, shoes … whatever you like! Protests have erupted in Barcelona after Spain's Supreme Court sentenced nine Catalan separatist leaders to between nine and 13 years in prison. We would recommend you to visit the shop which is located at the main entrance to Park Güell; it’s small, but within it you’ll find all sorts of original and colourful gifts which are related to the park and its famous architect, Antoni Gaudí. Something that proves you put in some thought to the gifts your bringing back home. Here at irBarcelona we recommend that you avoid any temptation to buy products from the ‘manteros’ – these are the illegal street sellers, who don’t have permission to sell their goods. There’s a wide range of products on offer, and this will of course vary depending on which shop you go to. If you’re visiting Barcelona and you would like to buy a present or typical souvenir, you won’t have any problem in finding what you want, as the city is full of shops aimed at tourists, selling all sorts of souvenirs. Only work with the best local products! Souvenirs Galeria Maxò. Having said that, in the centre of Barcelona there are also an increasing amount of shops that are offering much better quality items, whether they are the typical souvenirs that you would expect to find (magnets, mugs, keyrings…) or more unusual items that would be a really interesting and welcome gift for someone. Shoes - Mary (29 Aug 2019 - 09:50). Where can I buy Barça souvenirs? This shop isn’t too Barcelona but in my opinion … Travitabac. Buying from these illegal street sellers above all takes income away from the legitimate small businesses, which do pay their taxes and sell products of much better quality. You’ll spot this charming gift shop, owned by Australian Amy Cocker, by a sign with the … Address: Provença, 261-265. However, if you would looking for something a little more tangible to help keep your visit to this amazing city alive then why not buy a few souvenirs … We inform that Casa Batlló uses cookies of third parties in order to obtain … You’ll pay a 20% premium for laziness Barcelona Souvenir Map. We fully adapt to customer needs. Address: Carrer del Consell de Cent, 292. You’ll find that 99.9% of souvenir shops in the city sell F.C. Here you’ll get cute little... Papabubble. Find your favorite souvenir at most of the museum gift shops… We’ve created a list of some souvenirs and gifts that will actually reflect on the culture of Barcelona. If you have any trouble finding them, try the Sala Ciutat, just off the Plaça Sant Jaume. COPY FORBIDDEN, Get Unique Barcelona Souvenirs + Gifts (2020 Shop List), kids beat the fattened up Caga Tió with sticks, Barcelona Travel Guide from A-Z (+ Sage Budgeting 2020), 3 Days in Barcelona: An Ideal Itinerary with Local Help. Many of the gift and souvenir shops in the city centre of Barcelona can be found on La Rambla, and along some of the nearby narrow streets. Copyright © 2011 -2021 All rights reserved, Organic T-shirts of the “Made in Barcelona” brand, Barcelona paving stones and bespoke gifts, Products designed by artists from Barcelona. When considering where to buy souvenirs in Barcelona … The separatists were convicted of sedition over their … It’s true that the things they sell are generally pretty cheap, but that’s because they are of very poor quality, and the sellers don’t pay any taxes on what they earn. The typical guide books that offer information about the unmissable sights of the city, those that focus on explaining the origins and history of the city, those that give information about the architectural gems in Barcelona, books focusing on specific districts or areas, those offering advice and suggestions about making the most of Barcelona’s night life, those that are full of anecdotes and interesting information, those that are orientated towards the youngest visitors, compilations of the best historic shops, bars and restaurants, comics… Well, as you can see, whatever your friends’ interests, we’re sure that you will at least find a book about Barcelona that’s the perfect gift for them all. Esta web utiliza cookies operativas propias que tienen una finalidad meramente funcional y cookies de terceros (como por ejemplo Analytics y Adsense) que permiten conocer tus hábitos de navegación con el objetivo de ofrecerte mejores servicios de información. Cava got its name back in 1970 with the idea of distinguishing it from French champagne, the … By now you already know that, whatever you are looking for, you’re sure to find it on AliExpress. Many of the items that are sold as souvenirs … If you have a favourite district of Barcelona, they make a wonderful souvenir of the city. Well, look no further! The price is usually higher, but in these circumstances we do recommend paying that bit more for better quality – your friends will appreciate it! This emblematic street is dotted with some … As said above, check the museum's shops, especially the ones in La Pedrera and … And don’t forget to treat yourself to a book, too! Chocolates are some of the perfect edible souvenirs in Barcelona! Prosecco and other budget sparklers rely on industrial carbonization to make their wines fizz, … We suggest that you buy your souvenirs or presents in the museums’ own shops, or in the official shops located inside tourist attractions, in specialist shops and in the shops that sell artisan products or items with the “Made in Barcelona” brand. Memories of your visit to Barcelona are wonderful for a time. Cookies. We’ve also included the places in which you’ll find the best chocolates, sweets and typical foods from Catalunya. We use our own and third party cookies and other similar technologies to offer you our services, personalize and analyze your browsing, which allows us to understand how our website is being used … Flamenco Dress. Related article: Thought-inspiring museums in Barcelona… Just make sure you don’t get them at the airport! Cava is both delicious and affordable and is one fine souvenir to buy. At La Pedrera gift shop, you can buy luxury gifts such as Gaudi-inspired jewelry, designer bags, gadgets and accessories, dishes, etc. The top spot for such purchases in Barcelona is Loewe. The gift shops in Barcelona’s museums are, in the majority of cases, the perfect places to buy presents. The Best Souvenirs in Barcelona Leather: Leather is one of Spain's most highly valued products, and best buys range from stylish belts and handbags to handmade shoes and fine jackets. If you’re needing to buy for lots of people, and are hoping to buy something little and not spend much, any of these shops could be a good option for you, as if you take the time to look around you’re likely to find something nice. Passeig de Gràcia Envisioned as the most visually stunning avenue in Barcelona, Passeig de Gràcia is the top choice for where to shop in Barcelona. Barcelona has its share of cheeseball souvenir shops filled with Gaudí mosaic bulls. Products in these shops are nearly always of a higher quality to those that can be bought at the souvenir shops around La Rambla, and you’ll find that they are more unique too. We’re sure that you’ll give in to temptation and end up buying a last gift… or several! Articles by Gaudí, Barcelona, Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell,.... We ship to any country in the world or we deliver it to you in Barcelona city in less than 48h. However the crowds that many attract make this impossible. It's a great place to dream of how to make your flat that much more cozy … For the same reason we also recommend that you take a look at the shops within Barcelona Airport, before catching your flight home. You will also find other shops that, although they don’t actually specialise in souvenirs, sell typical products from the city or “Made in Barcelona” branded products, making them a good alternative to the most typical souvenirs. Cava. It’s a beautiful dress that’s used by … The best souvenirs of Barcelona. Religious landmarks are best explored in peace. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a book, too! Note the rose … An economy-conscious choice is Acosta at Avinguda … It’s full of souvenir shops, my favourite gelateria Gelaaati Di Marco and possibly the best value pizza in the city: Da Nanni. If you notice that the price of the items is somewhat lower than in other stores, or if the quality looks dubious, it’s very likely to be a fake. We literally have thousands of great products in all product … Nearly all of these shops offer original, legitimate products, but fakes are sometimes sold. While in El Raval you’ll find a number of trendy concept stores specialising in ‘Made in … It might not have much individuality or character, especially as it’s sometimes seen as a sign of leaving things to the last minute, but actually Barcelona Airport has a wealth of very elegant and unique gifts which your friends and family are sure to appreciate, so don’t worry if you run out of time when you’re in Barcelona itself. This is one of the more typical Spain souvenirs, that’s fun to buy for kids or yourself. In some of these shops, most of which sell very cheap and therefore not so high quality items, you’ll also find things that have absolutely nothing to do with Barcelona, Catalunya or even Spain, such as Mexican sombreros (which are fortunately becoming less commonly found). We are specialized in company gifts for congresses, conventions and special events. There are of course an infinity of books about Barcelona. El Born is home to a number of designer workshops selling everything from leather goods to pret-à-porter. Cava. The best transport pass and tourist cards, irBarcelona, your Barcelona tourist guide. Grey Street. But, the problem with so many similar shops is actually finding something different from the average souvenir. Here at irBarcelona, we recommend that in order to be 100% sure that you’re buying legitimate merchandise, you go to the stadium’s official shop at Camp Nou, to the other official F. C. Barcelona shops that are easily identifiable and found throughout the city, to any Nike shop or to a department store such as El Corte Inglés. Presents and Souvenirs in Barcelona: Where should we buy them? Get one of the most famous Barcelona souvenirs: El Caganer, from any Christmas Market or souvenir shop`in the city center.