The Health Inspector (Grade-I)and (Grade -II) at Health Sub Centre level will cover a population of 10,000 or an area of 2 Health Sub Centres or an area as allotted to him. They'll test machines to make sure they're up to safety regulations. Who is an officer - understanding your responsibilities video The Forefront of Safety – Public Health Inspector Definition . Duties and responsibilities. Health inspectors are in charge of observing and analyzing the safety of work environments. Food Inspector Duties & Responsibilities . Construction Inspector Duties and Responsibilities. For additional detail about registration and services, see the website of The South African Council for What are the duties of a Construction Health & Safety Officer? DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:. Posted: (26 days ago) Public Health Inspector Careers: Salary Info & Job Description. Public Health Inspector Job Description. Health and safety inspectors protect people by making sure that risks in the workplace are properly controlled. The Responsibilities of a Construction Field Inspector. View our simple job description example for occupational safety and health inspector. i) be responsible for efficient running of Nursing Services of the hospital and Health Units. You can find more information on the officer duty in the health and safety duty of an officer guidance. As a health and safety inspector, you'll ensure employers comply with all aspects of health and safety laws, and that workplaces are not the cause of ill health, injury or death. This job requires candidates to be able to perform duties that include the following: Examine food animals in privately-owned meat or poultry plants. Public health inspectors always have the best health and safety interests of the public in mind and work to minimize or eliminate risks to the public before a hazard exists. The Senior Public Health Inspector is responsible for carrying out health protection duties and responsibilities as required under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, Ontario Public Health Standards (OPHS), and applicable legislation and guidelines. Wildlife Services (WS) field specialist sets a fox trap at the Barrow Steller's Eider Conservation Area in Alaska . You can simply follow those Duties and Responsibilities and you are good to go for Quality Control Inspector job. Locations API 653 Inspector positions are available at the following HMT Inspection offices: Beaumont, TX, Greensboro, NC; Savannah, GA; Houston, TX; and Chicago, IL. The responsibilities and duties section is the most important part of the job description. ... responsibilities, duties and/or skills required of all personnel so classified. An inspector’s role is to: investigate (when accidents have happened or a complaint is made) whether people are at risk, to find out if something has gone wrong Maintain required sanitation procedures. You may work for the government, public utilities or for a company that provides these services. The SACPCMP prescribes the registration of Construction Health and Safety Officers as a specified category in terms of section 18(1) (c) of the Act No. Health and safety laws applying to your business are enforced by HSE inspectors or by officers from your local authority. A health and safety representative may perform the following functions, duties and responsibilities in respect of the workplace or section of the workplace for which he has been designated, namely: Review the effectiveness of health and safety measures. Related resources. Quality Control Inspector Duties and Responsibilities. Health/safety officers in performing their duties provide health and safety training courses for employees to educate them on necessary safety procedures. Functions, duties and responsibilities of health and safety representatives. Based on job listings we analyzed, quality control inspectors’ duties typically include: Monitoring Operations. Among inspector responsibilities are to tag defective products, often rejecting them immediately. 3) Pours samples into bottles routes samples to laboratory for analysis. The health and safety duty of an officer; The Essential Guide to Work Health and Safety for Organisations that Engage Volunteers; Officers in small business. If you have suggestions and supplements on the above Quality Control or QC Inspector Duties and Responsibilities, please comment in the comment box below. Public health inspectors look for health and safety hazards in restaurants, public facilities, factories or other types of workplaces. They might work for the general team or specialise in a particular industry, like nuclear, construction or forestry. APHIS agent assess the airfield for birds at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. Here you should outline the functions this position will perform on a regular basis, how the job functions within the organization and who the employee reports to. As a health inspector, you'll specifically check to make sure that workplaces align with safety and health regulations. They also ensure that the poster entitled “Job Safety and Health: It’s the Law” and other documents are displayed in readily visible and accessible location in the workplace, as required by OSHA. More Information. They perform inspections, follow-up on complaints, collect samples, enforce legal requirements, as well as provide advice and referrals, information and education services. Workers in this field must have extensive knowledge of … A construction safety officer can be responsible for the following duties: life, health, dental and vision insurance, long and short term disability, vacation, and 401(k). Inspectors will work to properly collect materials with the necessary scientific equipment. The revised duties & responsibilities of Para Medical Staff working in Railway Hospitals are as under: 2.0 NURSINGSTAFF . SAFETY AND HEALTH OFFICER 1 GENERAL This is the training and development level. Provide supervision, care and correctional treatment to inmates. Food manufacturing inspector Alternative titles for this job include Food quality control inspector, ... qualifications in food technology, biology or chemistry. 2.1 NURSING OFFICER: Will . That was my Duties and Responsibilities as a Quality Control or QC Inspector. Further information . Quality inspectors come under various labels, including materials inspectors, mechanical inspectors, samplers, testers and weighers. Petroleum Inspector Employee Duties & Responsibilities 1) Inspects consignments of crude or refined petroleum to certify that consignments conform to contract specifications. Daily duties performed by construction inspectors vary, depending on the types of construction projects they are inspecting and the construction sites themselves. Let’s delve into the nitty-gritty of what a health and safety inspector actually does. They conduct risk assessments and site inspections to identify work areas that pose threats to life and property. Job Description and Duties. Job Duties. Facilities Development Division 4 Hospital Inspector of Record (IOR) Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations Presentation Introduction (cont.) The type of company quality control inspectors work for will determine their exact roles and responsibilities. However, the core job tasks performed by construction inspectors are universally the same at all sites: Perform Quality Assurance Testing. Daily Duties. Duties of a Health Inspector range from testing air, water and other natural elements to inspecting public locations for health violations. Posted: (3 days ago) Quality Inspector responsibilities and duties. Public health inspectors do just that. No matter what type of quality inspector you are hiring for, you need a good job description to recruit qualified candidates. You may also be called an environmental health inspector, health and safety officer, occupational health officer or safety inspector. Others may ask for experience as a qualified environmental health officer. You’ll also need food hygiene certificates. Responsibilities Summary. You'll identify hazards in a workplace, including chemical and biological threats. Work to ensure the product is fit to eat and … They also draw up safe operational practices necessary to minimize risk of workplace accidents. This occupational safety and health inspector job description sample will help you to create a basic job description for employees that includes career duties and responsibilities required. Using knowledge of materials and building codes, construction field inspectors analyze, monitor and approve construction projects based on adherence to city, state, federal and environmental laws. The goals of the Office of the Inspector General are: to improve the economy, effectiveness, and efficiency of NARA operations to detect and prevent waste, fraud, abuse, and mismanagement The OIG's legislated responsibilities are to: conduct audits and investigations relating to all aspects of the agency's programs and operations coordinate or recommend policies for agency