Simple concept. Intricate execution.

Properly executed email marketing has the power to break through the voices of your competitors, putting you front and center within a sea of crowded inboxes. We all get innumerable emails vying for our attention daily, but how many do we actually open, and why? Every email is an opportunity for meaningful dialogue that will earn the trust of your consumer base and has the power to establish your brand as the authority.

Don’t allow your conversations to end the moment your clients walk out the door. Utilize this medium to strengthen current customer connections and incentivize potential prospects by offering insider access to limited promotions and valuable insight. Content which resonates with your audience will go a long way in capturing their attention long term.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to email marketing. Swagger Media will break down your customer base by their demographics and interests. In addition to factors like age and gender we also focus on their likes, history of purchases, and what they’ve actively been searching for, so that we may gain an in depth understanding of which customers would benefit most from particular incentives or content. Our strategized and purposeful approach ensures you’re only reaching out when you have something to share, not just to hit a quota; your audience should feel that valuable information is being gained with every email they open.

Our team monitors each individual campaign and provides you with a comprehensive performance report, so you’re never left wondering about the added value of your investment. But we don’t stop there. This data is integral to the evolution of your brand’s voice, it allows us to reformulate content, audience groups, or strategy, in real time. You’ll always be in step with the ever-changing needs of your consumer.

Email marketing is one of the leading methods in establishing a following across other facets of social media and generating interest in your company’s site. Once you’ve developed that initial rapport, your audience will look forward to hearing from you and wish to connect on more interactive platforms.