With the digital age that we live in, content flows in every direction throughout a variety of platforms, formats and devices. Even though traditional marketing may still have its place, it is diminishing in our digitally-based world. For businesses today, it is imperative to have a website that connects and interacts with your online consumer base. And how do you reach them? While having a website, and posting content on social media platforms is a great first step, you’re no longer just competing with a neighboring business. Thanks to the digital world, your competition has grown exponentially and is no longer confined to a zip code. And all of your competitors are targeting the same customers as you. So, how do you stand out? Now more than ever, creating engaging content that influences your company’s growth requires an integrated digital approach. Each one of Swagger Media’s digital services compliments the other; therefore, to have a well-rounded digital presence all components should be utilized. From paid search advertising, to social media marketing, search engine optimization, website optimization, email marketing, and everything in between, all of your digital marketing tools will be flawlessly integrated with us. But, it all starts with a story. No marketing efforts will be successful without a compelling and engaging story that drives content and captivates your audience. The only way to differentiate yourself from your top competitors is to craft a story that encompasses your brand’s message and mission. At Swagger Media, we will help you craft your story and then, through meticulous strategy development and flawlessly integrated digital marketing services, share you story. All of these efforts will culminate in you reaching the right customers at the right place and on the right platform.

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Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing

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There is a strategic thought process behind everything we do: the why. Your digital strategy is something we build and tweak together based on your unique goals and needs as a business. We will work with you early in the process to establish key performance indicators for each individually tailored campaign. Then, we plan the tactical roadmap for how we get you to where you need to go. We begin this process by researching your specific target audiences, the platforms they’re on, current market trends, and the types of content they want to see. We then work with you to build a strategy to achieve success. By researching and developing a strategy for your digital marketing, we tell your story to the right person, in the right place, at the right time and on the right platforms. And once we have developed the strategy, it’s time to put pen to paper, and create your content.


Your brand has a unique story to tell and our knowledgeable, talented team crafts your message into content that engages your audience. And once the content is complete, it’s time to share it with the world. Each engagement your content receives deepens the potentially long-lasting relationship that we will build between your audience and your brand. When your story is told well, your audience won’t only read along, they’ll be so intrigued that they can’t turn away.


That’s where our strategic execution comes into the plotline. Everything comes together during this phase in the process. We finalize the graphics, choose a start date, determine the campaign length, finalize keywords, choose the targeting, set the budget and your content goes live! It’s finally time for your story to be shared with the world. But once your strategy is executed, it’s time to analyze and optimize.


We are constantly monitoring, analyzing and adjusting content and targeting to generate the maximum impact. Through our agile, analytical approach, we actively analyze throughout the duration of the campaign in order to ensure we’re garnering the most engagement. If something isn’t performing well, we tweak it in real-time, not after-the-fact. We don’t wait until the completion of the campaign to figure out what we’ll do better next time. Once we have created, shared and amplified your story, we report on results.


We provide monthly and quarterly reports that show you exactly what’s happening and how your story is performing in the digital world. As with any continual process, results don’t signify the end. The process begins again, to create and share your next great story. Put your company on the global map with our integrated marketing services and start directly connecting with your audience.