3D Simulations

Simulated environment. Real benefits.

“Learning by doing” has been touted for centuries as the preferred educational method, particularly for industries where training can be inherently dangerous. Simulations allow you to gain valuable practice at intricate tasks, without the risk of harm or damage. New surgical techniques, reacting to in-flight emergencies, handling hazardous material; the list of possibilities is endless, while the risk of harm is non-existent.


Some companies, like those in the oil and gas field, can often run up against tight deadlines, leaving minimal room for mistakes. Simulating tool assembly can decrease assembly timelines and limit the chance of damage from improper handling, helping companies hit their marks. Cutting down on your training expenses can be as easy as simulating inventory. Limiting how much inventory is wasted while new hires train, lessens the financial burden of having to replace it. For educational facilities, simulations can vastly broaden the scope of their training capabilities – from expensive lab equipment, to long-distance locations, to practicing safe handling of extremely fragile materials and artefacts; exposing your students to hands on experience provides them a future competitive advantage.


The great thing about Swagger Media’s simulations is that they are completely custom. We’ll work closely with your company to determine the most effective type of simulation that will help satisfy your unique goals.