The most powerful element of 3D animation is that it is unlimited by the bounds of reality. In the world of 3D animation, anything can be created and it can be as realistic or fantastical as you envision. 3D animation is a compelling marketing tool for companies of any industry, size, or market. And at Swagger Media, each animation is hand crafted for any brand’s vision. Just as the visuals are limitless, so are the applications. 3D animation can be used to visually represent something that has yet to be created, like a new technology prototype or software. It can be used to convey complex information in a simplistic and visually stimulating way. Furthermore, it can act as a demonstration tool for difficult processes, like large machinery functions or assembling a basketball hoop. 3D animation can also show what cannot be captured by the naked eye or even a camera. Things that are microscopic to the eye or buried deep beneath the surface. It can feature your product perfectly, with meticulous lighting and flawless textures. And finally, it can capture the attention of an audience and share your message in a visually appealing and exciting way. With 3D animation, you’re not just capable of telling a story. You’re capable of telling any story. And even better, telling your story exactly the way you envision.



Total customization isn’t easy or fast. It takes time, planning, a meticulous attention to detail, risk taking, and a knowledgeable and passionate team. As with any story we tell, it starts with a creative strategy session. We learn about your brand, your goal, and your message. We outline the target audience, consider the platforms in which you will share your message, and then we brainstorm. We filter through idea after idea, letting elements shift into place until the gears click, and we have a story. The next step is beginning to bring that story to life with imagery and words. We write a script and create a storyboard to share with you. We walk you through the concept and, together, we tweak it to perfection. Then, as one final visualization before animating, we create an animated storyboard, or animatic, to get a sense of timing, blocking, and camera movement.


From there, we move into the technical preparations that are necessary for a clean and dynamic animation. This includes character and scene development, building 3D models, texturing and lighting key elements to achieve our desired look, and rigging the elements for movement. We utilize clean geometry and intelligent design to lower potential render time and ensure smooth and fluid movements. Finally, we are ready to begin animation. A process that requires patience and precision.


Once we have crafted an animation, we will take the product into the compositing phase where we will add music, sound effects, and finishing touches. Only after your project has fully rendered will it be viewable. Together, we will review and make changes until it is the perfect visualization of your story. Now all that is left to do is share it with the world. Take your company’s marketing out of its traditional limits and explore the vast capabilities of 3D animation.  You will reach audiences that are exponentially larger than what you’ve known.